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My First Flash Cards for Toddlers – 101 Cards – 202 Sides – Learn Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Body Parts, Counting, Letters & More – Fun Learning and Educational Flashcards


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What Cards Are Included?

The Learnworx ‘My first’ flashcards set includes 101 double sided cards.

On the front of each card is a letter, number, shape, body part or color. On the reverse of each card are corresponding objects that relate to the front of the card.

A – Apple, Astronaut, Ant, Airplane

Red – Strawberry, Fire Truck, Ladybug

Triangle – Sandwich, Hanger, Tent

12 – Twelve noisy police cars

Eyes – What can you see with your eyes?

Letters: – Aa,Bb,Cc,Dd,Ee,Ff,Gg,Hh,Ii,Jj,Kk,Ll,Mm,Nn,Oo,Pp,Qq,Rr,Ss,Tt,Uu,Vv,Ww,Xx,Yy,Zz

Numbers: – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100

Shapes: – Triangle, Square, Circle, Rectangle, Semi Circle, Oval, Star, Heart, Trapezoid, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon, Crescent

Body Parts: – Legs, Foot, Knees, Fingers, Elbow, Head, Eyelashes, Neck, Toes, Back, Ears, Mouth, Teeth, Tongue, Nose, Chin, Shoulders, Arm, Hand, Hair, Eyebrows, Eyes

Colors: – Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Brown, Black, Gray, White

learn the alphabetlearn the alphabet

Bright, bold colors stimulate little minds

Children start to learn from the moment they are born. They recognize people, places, animals, colors, tastes, sounds, smells and more. A key part of a child’s education is through engagement. Engaging with parents, siblings and others.

Children can say what they see and the adults can help them with their pronunciation, improving language skills. As their skill and memory increases, so does their confidence – helping them to become the next little leaders of the future.

Aids Visual Learning

All children develop at different speeds and learn differently. Visual learning or spatial learning style, is a way of learning in which information is associated with images.

The association of colorful illustrations plus reinforcement of hearing the word spoken aloud helps children to learn and remember words in their formative years.

wipe clean

wipe clean

large clear fonts

large clear fonts

thick flash cards

thick flash cards

Wipe Clean

As parents ourselves, we know that dirt and spills can happen.

Learnworx cards can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to help keep them in perfect condition.

Large Clear Fonts

All words are lowercase with large fonts making them easy to read.

Easy for both the adult and child to see, even at a distance.

Extra Thick

Learnworx cards are designed by teachers & parents, specifically for young children.

Extra thick for durability and at 5.7 x 4.3 inches they are easy to hold too.

Learnworx cards are high quality and can be passed down to future siblings or re-gifted.

learn shapeslearn shapes

Making Learning Fun

As parents ourselves, we enjoy seeing our children learn and we love to see our children interacting with others. At the core of our company ethos we believe that learning should be fun both for parent and child. Whether that is through singing, games, visual learning, numeracy, spelling or other mediums. All Learnworx products are designed to teach in a fun and friendly way.

Learn letters and start spelling – On the front of each alphabet card you’ll see the letter. Turn each card over and you’ll find objects starting with that letter. wW – Watermelon, Watch, Window, Wolf.

Learn to count and visually recognize numbers – On the front of each number card you’ll see the number. Turn each card over and you’ll find that number of objects repeated. 7 – Seven floating balloons. This is used as a prompt for the adult to ask the child to count.

Learn shapes and see them in use – On the front of each shape card you’ll see the shape in bright and bold colors. Turn each card over and you’ll find objects that are that shape. Triangle – Tent, Sandwich, Hanger.

Learn colors and spot them around the home – On the front of each color card you’ll see the colour. Turn each card over and you’ll find objects that are that color. Red – Strawberry, Fire Truck, Ladybug

Learn body parts – Each body part card shows a different part of the human body. Turn each card over and there are fun interactive games to play with your toddler. Hands – We use our hands to pick things up. Can you clap your hands together?

learn numberslearn numbers

Improves Memory

Learnworx flashcards allow children to interact with the information, making it easier to retain.

These cards are a good visual learning tool, designed to enhance and encourage active recollection of information.

A great gift to give or receive

Learnworx ‘my first flashcards’ are perfect as birthday, new born, Christmas & holiday gift. The pack is small enough to take with you on

adventures away, or stays at your grandparents house. The fun never has to stop for your little one!

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101 Flash Cards For Toddlers – Children love to learn and at Learnworx we love learning with them. The My First Flashcards set consists of 101 uniquely designed double sided flash cards featuring letters of the alphabet, shapes, colors, body parts and numbers. Keep cards safe in the thick gift box provided.
Learn The Alphabet – Learn Colors – Learn Numbers – Learn Body Parts – Learn Shapes – 5 Cool Categories to engage little minds. On the reverse of each are questions, objects and engaging information.
Bigger Cards With Lots Of Detail – Our cards are 5.7 inches wide and 4.3 inches tall. Easy to see colours and illustrations for your child to understand. Bright and colourful designs to help aid visual development with easy to read large font.
For Ages 12 Months Plus – Learnworx cards can be encouraged pre kindergarten, from 12 months onwards up to 5 years. Each picture side showcases large, bright images that reflect everyday objects. As your child progresses, move them onto the reverse side to further improve their learning, teach counting, spelling and more.
Toddler Proof & Ultra Durable – We designed our cards to be the thickest flash cards on the market. Why? Because we know kids love to get messy. Learnworx flash cards are easy to wipe clean using a damp cloth, durable and made to last. All the cards have rounded corners to protect toddlers small hands.

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My First Flash Cards for Toddlers – 101 Cards – 202 Sides – Learn Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Body Parts, Counting, Letters & More – Fun Learning and Educational Flashcards


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